A guide on how to Search GST Number by PAN Card?:

Before making any transaction with the supplier and customer, it is suggested to search and verify the supplier and customer GST number. In this way, you can generate the right GST returns without any error. There are so many situations when Search GST Number by PAN Card, plays a major role between the supplier and customer.

You can Search GST Number by PAN Card. This is most important when you purchase any product from the supplier, and you are in doubt whether the GST number is valid or not. Without a GST number, you can go through so many issues while GST returns and claiming or ITC that means income tax credit.

Most of the small and medium enterprises do not opt for GSTIN to get rid of paying compliance costs. But at the same time, it is really difficult to work with dealers who don't have GSTIN. As a result, they issue fake GST invoices from the vendors. To Find GST Number by PAN Card, you need to visit our website. The GST number verification process is done with easy steps with the help of a Pan Card Number.

About GSTIN Number:

GST number means goods and service tax registration number that contains 15 digit number. Every next person who is registered under the GST requirement needs a unique identification number to perform the tax-related issues. To Search GST Number by Pan Card, you need to visit our website and apply through the online process. The five digits code of GSTIN number consists of numbers that include state code, PAN number of the owner, bank code and entity code, along with the last check digit.

How to search GST Number Through PAN?

Go to www.downloadpancard.com website and search GST number by Pan card, you have to go through the step by step details. You can also check your current status whether the registration is active or not.

  • Visit our website www.downloadpancard.com first and click on the search taxpayer button.
  • Click on the search by GTIN/UIN, and it will be redirected to new screen
  • Enter the GSTIN number of the dealer and then fill up the captcha code
  • Press the submit button, and you will get all the details provided on your screen.

How to verify GST number verification?

  • Visit the website of E Pan Card Download.
  • Click on the taxpayer search.
  • Choose either opted in or opted out from the option list.
  • Here you can choose two options for the GST number checking one is entering GSTIN number, and another is searching by state.
  • Now select the year and enter the name of the dealer.
  • Enter the captcha then redirected to a new page.

How to verify GST Number through PAN Number?

To verify PAN GST number through the GST portal, you need to go through the list of details:

  • Visit our website www.downloadpancard.com and click on the Search GST Number by PAN.
  • Enter PAN number for the person whose GST number you want to search; now, you will be redirected to a page where you get all the complete details regarding GST registration for the PAN number.

Why verifying the GSTIN number is necessary for the supplier?

There are so many situations where verifying and Search GST Number by Pan is necessary for the supplier and customer. In case you purchase any stuff from the supplier, but you don't know the current condition of his/her GST number validation, then it may face later issues.

Most of the eCommerce portals ask for this number, including the Online taxi booking portal, flight booking and online shopping portal. In some cases, you may need to enter the GSTIN number in Paytm, BSNL, Vodafone and Idea. It may also be asked in the hospitality industry, income tax, speed post and OLA cab.

What if the GST number purchase invoice is invalid and wrong?

This is the two-way system that relies on the supplier. As per the rules of GST, the purchase shall take the ITC one and only when the supplier agree to pay tax. In some cases, the supplier may be an unregistered person, but in order to make supplies, he could try the wrong GST number on the invoice. He/she did so, so that the business shouldn't take over the competitors. Therefore, it is necessary to receive the goods to check the antiquity of supplier registration through PAN GST number.

FAQs on GSTN Numbers:
  • Can I check the GST number on the name of the company?

Yes, you can do so by entering the PAN number.

  • How can I get the my GST number by pan card?

For this, you need to visit our website www.pancarddownload.com and apply online to get your GSTIN number.

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