About Pan Card Correction Form:

A PAN card or permanent account number is an important document that is not only essential to file the tax but to transfer large amounts. It is also used as proof of citizenship too. It is essential that all the details you have on your pan card should be right. If any of the information given in the PAN card is not correct, you might go through trouble in the future and that’s why you should apply for pan card correction.

If you don’t want to lead the problems in the upcoming days, then you need to avoid these problems. You should make necessary changes to the PAN card by submitting the PAN card correction form. In this article, we are going to share every little detail of the pan card correction form download. Let’s check how to download them online and offline.

PAN Application Form 49A:

Form 49A is the pan card correction form check application form for the residents of India. Any individual who is a resident of India can submit this form by downloading this and making corrections in their pan. You can download this form from our website. Once you download this form, you can make the correction and submit all the details. You can submit the payment online as well as offline by submitting the required documents and photographs.

Structure of Pan Card Correction Form:

The pan card correction form pdf 49A is structured into different sections so that people can easily understand the form and fill it in the correct way. You will get the designated spaces in the application form to affix your photographs in the top corner of the form. The pan card correction form sending address is designed with 16 components where each component has a sub-section that needs to be filled out. In the below section, we mentioned the components.

Components for Pan Card Correction:

  • Officer Code: In this AO code section, the applicant has to fill in the accounts office type, account office number, range code, and area code.
  • Full Name: In this part, the applicant needs to submit his personal details, including the marital status with the first, middle, and last name.
  • Abbreviation of the name: In this section, the applicant has to abbreviate their name as you want to see on your pan card.
  • Other Names: In this section, the applicant has to mention the other names. If you have another name, then you can fill it; otherwise, just skip this part.
  • Gender/DOB: In this section, you need to choose gender and date of birth. In the case of an individual, you need to fill in the gender and dob; otherwise, if the applicant is the organization mentioned, the date of partnership and agreement. You need to also submit the father's name too, but married women can fill in their husband's name.
  • Address of communication: In this section, the applicant needs to enter the residence address and the office address as well. The applicant needs to be careful about the address because all future communication will be done with the same address. You can also share the address for communication only.
  • Communication details: In this section, you need to share your telephone number and the mail id for the online communication. You need to fill in your country code and the state code in the pan card correction form pdf.
  • Status of the applicant: In this form, the applicant has to mention the individual HUF number, partnership, and company information. You need to also indicate the registration number for the company and firms.
  • Aadhar number: Add your Aadhar number, which should be mentioned along with the source of income. The applicants also need to add the name and address of the representatives.
  • Documents: Along with this, you need to add the documents in the attachment for proof along with the pan card correction form online.

How Can you fill the form?

There are some rules that one should follow while filling up Pan Card Correction Form. Here in the given below points, a few points are discussed that one needs to consider while filling up the form.

  1. The basic rules: The applicant who fills the form 49a should fill it in English. There is no other language that you should use in this. It is important to fill the form in the block capital letters and should choose black ink color while filling this. You should fill the box with a single character and keep one box empty after each character.
  2. Photographs to add: The applicants should add their photographs to the required place. In the top corner of the form, you need to stick your pictures. Make sure that the picture shouldn’t be stapled and clipped. Here you should stick the same picture that you have added to your pan card. The clarity of the photo should be high quality.
  3. Signature of the photograph: Along with this, you need to add the signature to the photograph. You can also give the left thumb impression. The applicant should make sure that the signature on the left thumb should be printed on both the form and picture.
  4. Correction details: It is really important to take enough time and fill the form. After filling the form, you should check and overview it one more time. Because a single mistake can reject the application, make sure to avoid overwriting.
  5. Contact details: While filling the form, make sure that the given contact details are correct and genuine. The further contact depends on these contact details, so make sure it is true.

49a correction form is the form that is used for the allotment of PAN, and the major requirements which are necessary are two passport size photograph in the light background, important documents that are discussed above in the article, and that’s it.

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