Our Privacy Policy

The website www.downloadpancard.com does not automatically capture any specific personal information from you. Once you submit the information to us, we keep it secure and confidential. We don't provide the information of our users to anyone.

This website records your visit and the time of login. We keep this information for statistical purposes. We also ask to give some details for a survey to collect information that helps to upgrade our service. We keep information like your IP addresses, server's address, domain name, name of the domain from which you access the Internet.

We will not identify the users and browsing activities. This platform offers adequate security measures once you log in with us. We keep information and protect them with care and responsibility. We do not sell or share any personally identifiable information publicly. In case you are doing any unwanted things you have to pay a cost for this.

The site keeps those persons away who want to misuse and try to receive unauthorized access. This site does not use cookies. When an individual sends a message to us, it is recorded ad saved in our database. It will only be used for the purpose of providing the service for which you are here and may use to receive the regular updates which we make on our site. We will not disclose any information of users without your consent.

We only ask for the information which is necessary to get a pan card. Before submitting, we also ask about your choice. For providing better security, we also ask for a captcha code. We have experts who work for keeping the security measure. We have the administrative, physical, technical, operational controls which help to ensure the security of personal information.

We are attentive towards our policies, and if anyone tries to harm this, they are responsible for dealing with future circumstances. The company has some goals and to reach there we are taking extra preventive measures. By subscribing to us, you will get notifications of the changes that we will make in the future. For more information call us or drop a mail to us.