Know About Form 26 AS And Its Downloading Process:

26as is the tax credit statement which is an important document used for tax filing. Those days are almost gone when a person downloads this form manually and then fills it to submit it offline. Now the income tax department has made so many changes in this process of filling 26as Form Download.

The scope of the statements has also been expanded to include details of foreign remittances, refund details, dividends, and purchases of mutual funds. Form 26as login is the statement that provides details of the amount that are deducted in the form of TDS and TCS from the different source of your income. This form reflects the details of self-assessment tax paid and the high-value transaction which is entered by the taxpayer.

Important Information for 26as Form:

Do you know about the new form of Tax e filing 26as? This form was already effective from the 1st of June 2020. This form includes the tax demands, specified financial transactions, refunds, pending and completed assessment proceedings, and all. It contains the details of the Tax, which is collected by the taxpayer.

  • This contains the advance tax, which is paid by the taxpayer.
  • This form contains the details of the income tax refund, which is received by the financial year.
  • Additionally, here are the details of the extremely high-value transaction, which includes mutual funds and stocks.
  • The form also includes the regular assessment tax, which is deposited by the taxpayers.
  • Along with that, it contains the self-assessment tax payments and the Tax, which is deducted from the income by all the deductors.
  • It also includes details such as mutual fund purchases, tax refund interest, foreign remittances, salary breakups, and mutual fund purchases.

Process of Download 26as Form:

You can also download the form from the official traces 26as websites; first, you need to visit the official account and then log in to the site. If you are a first-time user, you need to sign up with us. After registering your PAN, you are all set to open the site. By following the below steps you can also find out how can I view 26as without login.

  1. Enter the user id, which can be the pan number or your aadhar number in Online 26AS e-filing Website. If the user id is invalid, it will be shown on your screen. You can also access the account with net banking.
  2. After confirming the tick box, you can confirm secure access. There you see the default secure access message, which needs to log in. The taxpayer can make their own personalized, secure access message from the profile option. Now you have to enter the password for income tax 26as form download pdf and log in.
  3. Now you will see a screen on the website where the e-file option is mentioned. Here you can see the income tax returns and select the view form 26AS in the drop-down button. No, the form is on your screen, and you can see it by scrolling the cursor down.
  4. Click on the confirm button after going through the disclaimer. Now the user will be redirected to the site which is official.
  5. Now what you have to do is select the box on the screen and click on the proceed button for 26as download.
  6. There you can see the link at the bottom of the page, which is “Click view tax credit,” and see the form.
  7. Choose the assessment year and the format you want. If you want to open it online, open it in HTML format. Otherwise, you can also choose to form 26as download pdf. Now enter the verification code and click the download button.
  8. Now you can see the form 26AS through online and offline of your choice in traces 26as.

This is how you can check the form and submit it. By considering the above-discussed points, you can download 26as form. The process is the same for the how-to download form 26as from net banking too.

Structure of the 26as form:

So, the form e filing 26as is divided into the eight parts that are mentioned below:

  • Part A: In this part, the details of the Tax deducted at the source are mentioned. This part is further divided into two parts, which are.
  • Part A1: In this section, the details are mentioned, which are related to the Tax Deducted at Source for 15G/15H.
  • Part A2: In the second subpart of traces form, the details are mentioned in the form which is related to the Tax Deducted at Source on the sale of Immovable Property, on Rent of Property along with the payment to resident contractors and professionals.
  • Part B: All the details of the Tax collected at the source are there in this form.
  • Part C: In this section, all the details of Tax paid, including TCS and TDS, are paid.
  • Part D: Here, all the details of the paid refund are mentioned.
  • Part E: In this section of traces form, the details of the SFT transaction are mentioned.
  • Part F: In this section of the form, The details of Tax deducted on the sale of Immovable Property, resident contractors, TDS on Rent of Property are mentioned.
  • Part G: The TDS defaults are mentioned, and then in the next part, the details of Turnover as per GSTR-3B are mentioned.

Steps to Check 26as form:

  • You can check the form 26as download on the online portals by visiting the official website traces 26as and downloading it.
  • You can also check the form if your pan number is linked with the account by clicking on view form 26as by pan no.
  • If you want to display the form via your bank account's net banking facility, you can choose the third option. You can use this facility if you have an account with an authorized bank on your PAN card. Some of the banks that offer this facility are Axis Bank Limited, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, Bank of Maharashtra, State bank of India, ICICI, and IDBI bank, along with others like union bank of India.

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