16a Form Download Complete Process For Beginners:

Form 16A is the certificate that is needed for every employer of any organization needs for their employees. This is a TDS certificate that shows different sources of income of the taxpayers and the individuals. Form 16 A for salaried employees is provided with form 16, which is only for the income drawn from salary, whereas Form 16A is applicable for TDS certificate on income sources apart from salary.

When the TDS is deducted from the fixed deposits, insurance commission, and rent receipts, Form 16A is issued. To know about form 16 download, starting from the downloading process to the format of form 16 pdf download, this article illustrated everything.

All about the Form 16A Format::

  • Name of the deductor: This section refers to, the bank name from which the TDS is deducted. It also can be the insurer or any other organization and individuals where you receive your Income from and download form 16 for salaried employees for which the TDS is applied.
  • Name and PAN of the deductee: n this, the details of the deductee are mentioned. All the individual who receives the TDS benefits should give their information.
  • Payment details: Here, the Date of payment, amount of the payment, and the nature of payment are mentioned in this Form.
  • The receipt number: The recipient number and form details are mentioned. You should fill all the requirements of the Form that are mentioned in this income tax filing form. The Form 16A is a TDS Certificate that carries all the amounts of TDS form and the TDS nature. The TDS certificate is issued by the IT Department when the payment from the non-salary Income is made by the deductor like the bank interest payment, TDS professional fees, rent, and all.

The Process for Filling the Form 16A:

At the time of filing the Form 16A, certain points on how to download form 16 from traces should be kept in mind:

  1. First of all, you need to, Enter the Deductor name, address, and PIN number as well.
  2. Along with that, the Form also asks to fill up the TAN of the Deductor. The TA number comes in the Form or combination of numbers and digits.
  3. If the deductor has the PAN number, then they need to fill this too. This is a mandatory requirement that everyone should fill in the alphanumeric format.
  4. Now, you have to Enter the acknowledgment numbers of the form 16a download in word format.
  5. In the next step, you need to fill up The nature of the payment. This means you need to fill up whether the payment is of professional, contractual type.
  6. Every kind of payment has a different code that you need to enter as per the choice of payment.
  7. No mention of the Name of the deductee whose TDS has been deducted.
  8. There, you get the column where the PAN no. of the deductee is asked for the fillup.
  9. Along with that, make sure you have mentioned the period in the Form. This should be filled as per the financial year, for example, 1st April 2021 - 31st March 2022.
  10. At last, you need to fill in the TDS deduction details and other small details like number and mail id and all. Make sure you have mentioned the TDS amount in words. After that, check or overview the Form for one more last time and then press the submit button if you are performing it online.

What details are reflected by the TDS Deductions Details?:

  • The Slot No or S. No.
  • Amount which is paid or credited
  • The Date of the credit payment
  • The Education Certificate
  • The tax deduction process
  • The number of Surcharges
  • The Total tax deposited in the income tax debt.
  • Cheque and Demand draft number
  • Branch code or BSR code
  • Transfer voucher or challan number
  • Date on which the tax was a deposit for how to download form 16 using the pan number

Where can I Get Form 16A?

This article on how to calculate income tax about 16A form is only issued by the deductor for only the present year of finance and reflects the total earnings along with the total income tax. The extra Income apart from the salary is also deducted from the income tax. To get Form 16A, anyone can download the Form through the online website of the income tax department. This Form is available on their website in a PDF format.

When is the 16A Form Required?

When you file the income tax return form for the current year with the income tax department, the 16A form is required; people who also gain Income from other sources apart from your salary also need this Form. Most banks and institutions related to finance use this document as a part of their verification process. When you apply for a loan like a consumer loan, home loan, personal loan, or vehicle loan, they also need this Form.

Are you ready to download this Form?

  • If you want to know how to download form 16a from sbi Form, you need to visit the official website. Now select the pages of the deductor.
  • Visit the download button and select Form 16/16A Form Download.
  • Submit all the details that are asked by the pages and click submit button.
  • Pay the amount and logout with the account.

Form 16 is a certificate where the employer has to mention the complete details regarding the salary of the employees. This Form contains two parts; part A and part B. Here part A contains the information of the employer and employee.

The second part, part B contains the salary paid, deductions allowed, tax payable ad account details, etc. If someone gets the Income below the basic exemption limit, your employer will not deduct any TDS, and there is no need to apply for this. This is all about how to download form 16 using the pan number.

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